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Western Union

Western Union is a safe way to send money to more than 200 countries and and territories worldwide any time you want without leaving your home or office. Your recipient can get money in cash in any of 500,000 locations of Western Union partners in an available currency.Money Transfers will always be paid in U.S. dollars. Money Transfers are available for pick up by the Receiver promptly after validation of Sender information which may take up to 24 hours, on a "Will Call" basis, at Western Union agent locations in the destination country. Certain money transfer services, transfers that exceed certain principal amounts, and/or transfers to certain destinations may take longer or be subject to additional restrictions. For certain international destinations, a Test Question is required to be provided for some or all Money Transfers to that destination, and in those destinations, the Receiver may be required to provide either proper identification or the correct answer to the Test Question, or both, to receive payment. Please contact Western Union at the Customer Service telephone number listed below for current information regarding the availability of Test Questions for your selected destination.

Xpress Money

A foreign currency payment to an individual or organisation delivered electronically to a bank.With a network of 180,000 across the globe, an Xpress Money location is never far away. When you choose us, you choose a money transfer service that is convenient, affordable, accessible and secure.Over the last 17 years, with 100 percent commitment and respectful handling of our customers' hard earned money, Xpress Money has earned its customers' seal of approval for its dependability and trustworthiness.Xpress Money is a simple, fast and safe global instant money transfer platform with over 12 years of dedicated service experience spread across 5 continents, 100 plus countries and 110,000 locations.It’s simple and convenient! Just walk into any Xpress Money pay-out location and pick up the money sent to you in cash from Thomas Cook India branches.All our branches are 100% networked through “Finacle” a Core Banking Software from the internationally renowned Infosys, a software major. It has enabled the Bank to provide the money transfer service at all its branches across the Country and at maximum speed.


The company works with individuals and businesses through a network of agents and financial institution customers.At MoneyGram, we believe that our goal to build a strong organization starts with a commitment to our employees. That's why we strive to promote a challenging, rewarding and fun environment.We also take pride in holding a culture strongly rooted in decision quality, ensuring accountability, planning for results and collaboration.We understand the importance of career development, so we provide many opportunities for you to learn, grow and, best of all, succeed.


Domestic and international Tickets

The boom in aviation industry has led to rapid growth in Domestic Flights in India. Cheap airfares, low cost airline tickets, good connectivity and excellent in-flight service had altogether make Domestic Airline in India very popular in the recent time. Air Deccan, Air India, Alliance Air, GoAir, Indian Airlines, IndiGo, Jagson Airlines, JetLite, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Paramount Airways, SpiceJet, MDLR Airlines, Kingfisher Red and Jet Konnect are the Domestic Airlines flights operating in India.