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The business of Sugal Finance Ltd., has its genesis in a Sole Proprietorship from by the name "Sugal Finance", established in the year 1989.

On 19.02.1990. the Company was incorporated in the name of Sugal Finance Credit and Investment Private Ltd., on 17.03.1993, the name of the Company was changed to Sugal Finance Private Ltd., on 11.05.1993, the Company was converted from Private Limited to a Public Limited Company, and on 07.10.2003 the Company was converted from Public Limited to Private Limited. The Company name Sugal Finance Pvt Ltd., was changed to S F Forex Pvt Ltd on 19th December 2012.

There are four directors i.e K.Suresh kumar Jain, S.Dinesh kumar , S.Sagar jain S.Aakash Jain all four belongs to a family of traditional business of financing and are very well experienced in the foreign exchange and finance business.

The Company was authorized as a Full Fledged Money Changers by Reserve Bank of India vide Licence No. 096 on 1997

We are under empanelment of Andhra Bank, Tirumala branch to buy foreign currencies/coins from T T D. Tirupati.

In the Moneychanger activity , we do buy & sell foreign currency, and coins at competitive rates. We are sub agents of Western Union, Moneygram , Xpress Money and Ria Money Transfer. We also booking Domestic and International Flight Tickets, .

We are buying various countries foreign currency & coins from leading nationalised bank, other Moneychangers and temples from all over India.


What are currency Notes ?

Currency notes are the physical notes. In India we typically use notes of Rs. 10,20,50,100,500 and 1000 denomination. Similarly, each currency has its own denomination set.

If I am travelling abroad, are currency notes the best way to carry currency?

Currency Notes which are available in 30 leading currencies of the world at S F FOREX are a great way to carry foreign currency for your everyday needs during your foreign travel. S F FOREX has 30 different currencies for your needs and with our expertise we provide notes which are reliable and authentic and which will not land you in trouble when you land abroad.

What is the maximum limit for carrying foreign currency and for foreign currency notes?

Maximum limit for foreign currency per traveller for a leisure trip is USD 10,000 in a year as per Indian regulations but only $3000 can be carried as currency notes as per Indian regulations and the balance has to be carried in the convenient form of Prepaid Forex cards or Foreign Currency Travellers Cheques. All these modes are available at S F FOREX for your ready purchase.

How do I know that the currency notes that are being given to me are genuine?

S F FOREX (SUGAL FINANCE) has served CHENNAI for over 25 years and has an expertise in identifying currency notes and hence when you purchase currency from S F FOREX, you can rest assured that your currency notes are genuine and will help you enjoy a good trip abroad.

What are the various documents that are needed to buy Foreign Currency Notes?

At S F FOREX , we believe in respecting your needs and hence we provide a seamless service for you to walk-in to our branches with your Valid passport, your confirmed tickets or Visa, PRIVATE VISIT Form and Residence Permit in case of Foreign Nationals and a LERMS letter (For business travel) and purchase your foreign currency notes. In case you prefer to buy online, just fill in the details on the left of this page and book your currency online.

My foreign holiday is 45 days away. Can I buy Foreign Exchange now from S F FOREX?

At S F FOREX, you can get Foreign Exchange upto 60 days in advance of your personal/business trip. In case, you do not travel during that period, the foreign exchange should be surrendered to S F FOREX.

Can I pay for my Foreign Currency in Indian Rupee in cash?

Foreign exchange for your personal/business foreign trip can be purchased from S F FOREX against rupee payment in cash only up to Rs. 50,000/-. However, if the Rupee equivalent exceeds Rs. 50,000/-, the entire payment should be made by way of a crossed cheque/ RTGS / NEFT / demand draft/. Please note that providing a PAN Card is mandatory for payments above INR 25,000.

How much foreign exchange is available for a business trip through S F FOREX?

For business trips abroad to countries, (other than to Nepal and Bhutan), you can avail of foreign exchange up to USD 25,000 per visit. Release of foreign exchange exceeding USD 25,000 for business travel abroad (other than to Nepal and Bhutan), irrespective of the period of stay, requires prior permission from the Reserve Bank.

What types of trips are treated as business trips?

Visits in connection with business, deputation by company, attending of an international conference, seminar, specialised training, study tour, apprentice training, etc., are treated as business visits.